Semi-Trucks Go High Tech

Anyone who has driven alongside a semi-truck on the highway can attest to exactly how impressive these vehicles are. At the same time, they can also be quite intimidating. One small error by a trucker can result in a massive accident involving countless vehicles and multiple injuries. Yet those scared of the semis they see on the road should know that technological advances are making these massive vehicles better and safer than ever.

Advances Aimed at Improving Performance

Many of the scientific achievements made in relation to the trucking industry in recent years have been geared towards making vehicles more fuel efficient. However, attention has also been paid to vehicle performance. Semi-truck engines and components (such as suspension systems and air brakes) have always outperformed those of standard vehicles. New technology ensures that they will be more reliable than ever.

Making Semi-Trucks Easier to Drive

Vehicle malfunctions have always lagged behind driver error as being the primary cause of truck accidents. Thus, many of the advances in trucking have been motivated by making driving easier. High-tech trucks being introduced today go so far as to include driver-assistance systems that help maintain traction, keep vehicles at safe following distances, and even offer operators onboard coaching.

Eliminating Truck Driver Fatigue

An experienced truck accident attorney near me who studies truck accident statistics said that driver fatigue is a serious factor contributing to accidents. While resting on the side of the road may not seem ideal, improvements in the sleeper berths in today’s trucks take away the excuse of drivers not being completely comfortable in their vehicles. Focus has been placed on offering more cabin space and amenities, eliminating the need for drivers to seek alternative lodging.

Improving the Experience for All Drivers

Even from a high-level perspective, advances in fuel efficiency in modern trucks can also contribute to commuter safety. A decrease in the number of times a trucker is forced to leave the highway to refuel means less opportunities for them to have to navigate potentially busy city streets. These many improvements in trucking technology will no doubt go far in making the roads safer for all the drivers traveling on them.